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Erwin Custom Cues and Master Cue & Repair has been in business since 1991.

3829 Highway 4 West
Sarah, Mississippi 38665
Phone: (662) 562-9009

My Father, Mike Erwin, started with Meucci cues in the early 1970's when cues were cues. Mike spent 15 great years with Meucci and learned what a good cue was.

During that time I grew up playing pool and watching the construction of many cues. Dad started building cues in the early 1990's and I started apprenticing under my father. Dad taught me Quality, not Quantity, is the key.

I started running machines at age 13 and Dad and I worked side by side until his passing 10/22/2012. So these days it's a one man shop until I can pass the torch on to my son's Jacob & Lucas to carry on Dads legacy.

Erwin cues are done one at a time on lathes and pantograph. There are NO CNC's in my shop (not to take away from them), but old time hands on method puts a little heart & soul in each cue.

All Erwin cues were signed "Mike Erwin" until Dads passing at which time I signed them "Erwin (and date)" out of Love, Respect and Honor of a great man. I now sign them "Scott Erwin" as of January 2014 and to also carry on Dads legacy and hope my sons carry on the ERWIN name.

So enjoy an Erwin cue to the max because if you are not playing on the edge you're leaving too much room!!

Thanks for playing with an ERWIN CUE!


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