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In addition being a Master Cue Builder Shop, we also specialize in Cue Repair and Refinishing. Photos of our work speak for themselves and we will be adding more as they become available.

Pictures of Repairs near the top of this page             Refinished Cues are lower on the page

Before you decide to give up on your broken or damaged cue, give us a chance. We also work on other name brand cues; not just ours. Of course the simple stuff like new ferrules & tips and wraps. We can also address your major issues... sometimes even if it is broken completely.


Repairs & Prices

Standard Tips   Butt Section
Le-Pro. Triangle. Elk Master. Blue Knight. Royal Oak. $10 Replace pin $30
Layerd Tips Replace collar $25
Black King. Tiger. Sniper. Wild Boar. Blue Elf. $25 Replace Butt Plate
Kamui $35 Standard $40
All others call for availability Call Fix Broken Butt (no guarantee) $75
Ferrules (all ferrules are threaded) Reweight cue $5 to $15
Juma $20 Rematch butt to shaft $30
Fiber $15 Wrap Section
Penolic (black or brown) $30 All Linen $40
All others Call Leather prints $90
Shaft Genuine Leather $150
New 29" or 30" $100 Press & Polish old wrap $10
New 31" or 32" $120 Cut cue for linen or leather $30
Your partial fit to cue $50 Finishing
Replace shaft collar $20 Refinish cue (1 shaft) $125
Retaper: 12mm or larger $20 Extra shafts (each) $20
Retaper: less than 12mm $35 Refinish butt only $60
Replace insert $20 Refinish butt sleeve $30
Clean & Reseal shaft $15 Touch-up cue $50
Finish over wrap only $35


Cue Repairs

Click on small photos to see larger versions.

Broken ring on butt
The owner of this cue had a little accident some years ago and for whatever reason had accepted the fact his cue would be broken from now on. When Scott saw the pictures of the broken ring, he said send it to me. I'll fix it. That is exactly what he did. Now the cue looks much better and the owner is shooting with confidence again!


***** ******* *****

Shattered forearm
At the request of the guy that messed up real bad, we are not telling the details of how this cue came to be damaged. You can understand why he does not want to be embarrassed. He just wanted his cue to be fixed. Scotts answer: Sent it to me and I'll put some MoJo on it! If you didn't know it was damaged before, you would never be able to find it on this forearm. Even those that know what they are looking for are amazed!


Refinished Cues

One very important reason to have your cue refinished is when it looks good, you feel good! A positive frame of mind can lead to a much better shotmaker and better quality player. Having that good looking shiney cue in your hands just has a way of stepping your game up.

Here are some cues we have reworked (refinished), but do not have before & after pictures. More pictures of examples of our work to be added as time goes on and we have them available.


Most of the time someone is around the shop so you can call if you have something special to ask us about.


For those who want the best.


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